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Golden Axe II Revenge of Death Adder

version : jp - year : 1992 - developer : sega - format: pcb - condition : good - rarity : very

A completely different game than the MD version...


...and definitely better...


There are 4 selectable characters and an awesome 4 players mode!


The waterfall effects is very nice


She is electrifying!


This Chapter of the series is memorable


Skeletons are always hard to get rid of


Death Adder's hideout. Who would have ever guessed...


He is one of the coolest baddies in videogames history!


Magic is very spectacular as always in this series!

Review - Golden Axe The Revenge of Death Adder must not be confused with Golden Axe II for Genesis / Megadrive as they are 2 entirely different games.

The Revenge of Death Adder is a true new sequel while Golden Axe II on Megadrive is basically a slightly different game than the original Golden Axe.

The Graphics of Revenge of Death Adder have been greatly improved over the original, thanks to the power of the Sega System 32 hardware. Everything looks crisp and stunning. There are no slowdowns and overall the cosmetics seem to be among the best of the genre.

The music and sound-effects are appropriate even if not as catchy as the tunes found in the original 1989 board.

Gameplay has introduced some mild innovations that suprisingly enhance the game a lot. Magic potions can now be accumulated with no limit, meaning that you can easily stock up on potions for later use whereas in the 1st chapter of the series, once all the slots for magic potions were full, no additional potion could be collected.

Also, now there is a greater variety in the creatures to ride on and there will be fixed weapons scattered through the levels that will be available for use on the spot or for use in combination with your mounts. This aspect of the game is excellent and introduces a great element of variety!

Moreover, it is now possible to choose between alernative paths, an idea which has been used later in the mediocre Golden Axe III on Megadrive.

In conclusion I consider Golden Axe The Revenge of Death Adder to be almost on par with its predecessor and it is a shame that in was never converted to any home system.

Bottom line: Of the many sequels and spin-offs of the original Golden Axe, The Revenge of Death Adder is the only one that do the original justice....9/10











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