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Dark Seal aka Gate of Doom

version: world - year: 1990 - developer: data east - format: pcb - condition: good - rarity: uncommon

Very powerful magic attacks and kinky oufit to unseattle monsters...


Brute force and a morning star. Lethal combination!


light like a leaf and fast like lightning


Why must there always be a ninja in games like these?! I never used him and never will...

Review - Isometric hack'n'slash by Data East.This game blends a universe similar to that of D&D with Gauntlet-like gameplay elements.

Graphically, Data East effort is still somewhat charming, even if it is hard not to notice an overall obsoleteness in the lack of colors and the animations. Luckily, the strength of the game isn't in the graphics.

The music is epic in the literary sense. It will really make you feel that you are undertaking a huge mythic quest.

Gameplay is reminiscent of Gauntlet. The use of special/ magic powers is essential for survival.All in all, Dark Seal is still a playable game by today's standards even if I must say that the sequel (Wizard Fire) is definitely more attractive.

Bottom line: A fun little isometric hack'n'slash. 6,5/10



Also known as Gate of Doom


I think I heard this before...


The knight is looking around for things to break
Barbecue time...She's hot, literally!











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