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Blade Master
version : world - year : 1991 - developer : irem - publisher: irem - format: pcb - condition : good - rarity : very

A Irem's take on fantasy beat'em ups, also known as "Cross Blades!"


There is always a nice parallax effect in every stage


Enemies are well characterized


right into the teeth...

Review : Another sidescrolling fantasy hack'n'slash, but this time, made by IREM! Considering the time period it came out, Blade Master is a nice alas very classic attempt at the genre.

The graphics are well done. Massive enemies will try to put a violent end to your life, while you will be advancing in hostile territory. Backgrounds are clean and well drawn. Maybe some more colors would have benefitted the game, but even as things stand, graphics do their job well.

The music is perfectly fit for the type of setting. As usual with boards, it is better to set the volume low to avoid unpleasant distortion effects of the sound.

Gameplay is very linear. At times, there will be some platforming action here and there, but the game is basically a beat'em up.

All in all, this board is worth playing even if it is starting to age slightly. I wish there were more characters to chose from. Two just aren't enough!

Bottom line: a linear but still entertaining side-scrolling fantasy beat'em up. 7/10










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