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Goku Makaimura aka Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins

version: jp - year: 2006 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: psp, umd - condition: mint - rarity: common

Official Guide Book

The bomb is traditionally a pretty bad weapon but in Gokumakaimura, it works a bit better than in the prequels.


The rock magic allows you to destroy grave stones and collect hidden items and rings.


A wave made of blood? Gokumakaimura is by far the most gothic chapter in the series.


Bosses are inventive but they go down easily.


This level is beautiful and tough especially if you aim at collecting all items and rings in it.


Many enemies will be familiar if you played any of the prequels.


Those dino-birds look terrifying and are nicley animated.


I've seen you before... Still waiting for Demon's Crest II!


Review - Four years after Cho Makaimura R (simply Super Ghouls’nGhosts in the west), Arthur the intrepid knight in shining armor (and boxers) is back to save the day.

Noticeably, Gokumakaimura is the first attempt to bring the series to 3D, if we exclude the two Maximo spin-offs. So how is it?

Simply put, this game is pure hardcore awesomeness! Not only the spirit of the traditional series has been kept intact, but gameplay has been greatly overhauled.

Magic is not anymore tied to the type of armor you have, but rather you can collect it and equip it whenever you see fit. Moreover Arthur can acquire new abilities such as double-jump or glide by acquiring new equipment such as magical boots or shields. It is even possible (and necessary to collect all items and rings) to collect and equip the flying armor which you can get by defeating certain foes.

About the golden rings, they are scattered all around the levels and initially, you won’t be able to collect them all because they will be out of reach. But why even bother with the rings, you might ask? To really complete the game, you will need to collect all 33 rings. That’s right not 22 but 33! And it is no easy task because many of them will require you to find all hidden chests in certain levels first... So what I’m trying to say is that to finish the game, you’ll have to play levels at least twice, just like in the other games of the series, but with one difference. Here you’ll be able to play them in any order, by collecting the magic staffs hidden in each level and which act like teleport passageways.

Goku Makaimura is difficult, but not as brutally difficult as the original Ghosts’nGoblins for instance. How so? If you lose a life, you’ll respawn exactly where you last died and you'll be sent to the beginning of the level only if you run out of lives. There is even a handy save feature after each level so this ensures that the game is challenging and sometimes frustrating, but never as punishing as the previous games in the series.

Graphically, Arthur moves around in a beautifully gothic universe, animated with great care and inhabited by a huge variety of enemies. Backgrounds are beautifully designed too while bosses look as good as they could possibly look on a PSP.

The musical score is also very inspired and keeps the tradition of great soundtracks for the series very much alive.

It is really difficult to find something wrong in this game and in the end, I think it is probably one of the best games in the series. Hats off for Capcom then! It managed to pull off another worthy sequel to one of the most influential series in the coin-op scene and at home.

Bottom line: a wonderfully crafted sequel, which modernized the franchise without compromising too much on the trademark difficulty of the series. 9/10











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