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Goku Makai-Mura Kai aka Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins Kai

version: jp - year: 2007 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: psp, umd - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon


Goku Makai-Mura Kai also includes the original Goku Makaimura. Your old saved games will also work here.


Kai doesn't add new content, but gameplay has been noticeably altered to make it more arcade oriented, with less exploration.


Use the "stone magic" on the gravestone to open up a path to the first witch. In Goku Makai-Mura, the gravestone was not on fire.


The snake represents a greater obstacle in Kai. Two hits and you lose a life, and you get sent back to the beginning of the level.


A very cool boss, much more enjoyable and tougher in Kai. No respawns if you die here, you have to play by his rules!


Red Arremer is as annoying as ever, even more so in Kai.


Before taking this platform, you should make sure you have the dragon shield (temporary flight) and the "stone" magic equiped. Fly up, destroy the gravestone blocking the way to the cave , and you can collect two huge bags of coins equivalent to 4 lives. Since this is also the mid-stage respawn point, you can kill yourself and do the trick as many times as you wish. When I reached 9999901 points which is the highest achievable score per continue, I could not collect any more lives so I had to move on, with 86 lives in my inventory!


The dragon boss is beautiful, and having to fight it with the flying armor makes the fight even more spectacular.


Find the 3 witches and you fight this boss, which will drop the "adouken" magic.


Equip the adouken magic, to be able to face the true final boss, Hades. Use the Swallow Blade or the Boomerang Scythe to finish him off faster, although it is also possible to beat him with the knives, as I did the first time.

Review - Goku Makai-Mura Kai is an update of Goku Makai-Mura and it was released a year later only in Japan at a budget price, to respond to fans feedback who were expecting a more linear game, just like the prequels.

As a result, Kai was put together and it apparently means “revision” or maybe “masochist”, but for that, I will let you decide.

If you are expecting new content, or even just a new boss, you might as well pass this one up, because there is nothing of this sort here. What you will find instead is a series a gameplay tweaks and variations which are aimed at bringing Goku Makai-Mura closer to its forebears Ghosts’n Goblins and Ghouls’n Ghosts, with the kind of brutal difficulty that crushed your inner spirit so many times before, back in the day. Old school, hardcore to the core and unforgiving to the extreme, but also, inexplicably as fun and addictive as ever! And if you think Kai is unearthly hard, mind you that at least you can save your progress (you can use only 3 save slots for that though) whereas in the past, you had to beat the games on one go...so my point is, you should feel lucky and thankful to mamma Capcom for including a saving feature ;)

Now, onto the main differences with Goku Makai-Mura:

- you can take a maximum of two hits before losing a life. One hit destroys your armor and leaves you in your underwear and the second hit kills you

- when losing a life, you don’t respawn where you died but you are sent back to a checkpoint (typically there is only a mid-level checkpoint).

- you can only collect one magic spell, and you can use it as many times as you want since it is not limited by the magic meter anymore. You just have to “load up” your spell by pressing a button.

- you start off the first level with the double jump available right away

- collecting rings is not required to see the true ending. Collecting 3 rings just gives you an extra continue since there are no more infinite continues.

- there are no teleport staffs, so you have to play levels in order.

- even if you collect more than 30 lives, you won’t unlock infinite lives.

- to finish the game, just go through it twice and the second time equip the adouken to open the door leading to the final confrontation with Hades.

Now, what do all these changes add up to?

Goku Makai-Mura Kai has a gameplay structure which is based less on exploration and more on straight action. As a result, it took me about 6 hours to complete it versus the 13+ hours I spent on Goku Makai-Mura.

Goku Makai-Mura Kai is certainly more difficult and even more frustrating, almost bordering pure masochism but it really is more similar to the previous games in the series. In particular, boss fights are actually more enjoyable because you won’t just tear through the bosses but you’ll have to exploit their patterns and weaknesses to be victorious.

Despite these aspects, I must say that Goku Makai-Mura Kai is actually easier to complete than Goku Makai-Mura, simply because you won't have to find 22 or 33 rings to face the true final boss. Collecting all rings proved to be a long and strenuous affair! It was certainly time-consuming, and it forced me to play levels not just twice but many more times to try to find hidden chests and rings, hence the 13+ hours I spent on the first release of the game.

Now, some details about the endings: I should mention that the three witches are still present here, although you just need to find them to fight the extra boss which will give you the adouken spell, whereas previously, you had to give them certain ingredients first which were hidden throughout the levels in order to “release” them and then fight the extra boss.

I did find the three witches on the first loop and when I revisited each of their caves in the second loop, I got a mysterious necklace. I am not really sure what the necklace does though, plus I don’t remember seeing it in Goku Makaimura... What I know is that I got the 2nd best ending, which is the one with the princess waiting for Arthur in her room, and at this point I don’t know how to get the best ending with the princess waiting for Arthur on her bed. I did get that ending in Goku Makaimura, by collecting 33 rings and getting to the last level with all the rings on the first try. I just don’t know how to get that same ending in Goku Makaimura Kai though...

In the end, Goku Makai-Mura Kai is indeed just an update since there is virtually no new content. But underneath an apparent lack of new features, there is a game that plays completely differently than before. And in this respect, it is well worth the purchase if you are a fan of this glorious series.

Bottom line: a great package which includes both Goku Makai-Mura and the Kai revision. Worth getting, especially if you missed the original Goku Makai-Mura. 9,5/10











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