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Warriors of the Lost Empire aka Lost Regnum

version: usa - year: 2007 - developer: goshow - publisher: ufo interactive - format: psp, umd - condition: near mint - rarity: common

Also known as Lost Regnum in Japan, Regnum meaning "Kingdom" or "Reign" in Latin. Some people online thought it sounded like Lost Rectum which I have to say may have been the best title ever in videogames history (also considering the homosexual backstory of this game)


Emperor Hadrian was so infatuated by Antinous (pictured) that he deified the boy after his death

There are four classes to choose from. The Dark Seeker is a good mix between speed and strength


The characters artwork by Masaki Hirooka (previous work Castlevania Order of Ecclesia) is simply outstanding!


The main hub from which you talk to characters, upgrade weapons, buy items etc


Two-handed weapons deal a whole lot of damage. To use secondary weapons, press the "O" button and then the R button


The Dragon Boss is actually rather tough because it is so hard to guard against his fire breath. It's better to circle around it!


Review - I am not much of an RPG gamer, and dungeon-scavenging really gets boring quickly for me, yet this game worked its magic and kept me glued to the PSP screen for all 16 dungeons for a total play-time of roughly 16 hours!

The simple and repetitive dungeons lay-out , the nearly identical graphics in all dungeons and the unrefined textures should have no doubt quickly turned me off. Somehow though, I kept on playing, even enjoying myself way more than I was ever supposed to as I found myself appreciating the fast and graceful animations of my character, the responsive and satisfying battle system, and the incredibly deep and slightly obscure weapons upgrade system!

Also, the shockingly beautiful and elegant artwork, or the fantastic music by Yuzo Koshiro of Streets of Rage fame contributed to make the playing experience a better one.

The ancient Roman setting mixing myths and the cursed homosexual relationship between Emperor Hadrian (referred to in the game as Hadrianus) and the young Greek boy Antinous proved to be a source of surprise for me but also of historical interest, as I went back to check on Wikipedia what the deal about these two really was about!

Emperor Hadrian inherited the Roman Empire from Emperor Trajan when the Empire reached its greatest extent as it stretched from Southern Scotland to modern Iraq.

Hadrian consolidated the borders of the Empire by abandoning some of the previously conquered lands and most notoriously, by building one of the most heavily fortified borders of the Empire, the Hadrian Wall in Britain. Moreover, he continued the age of prosperity of the Empire known as the "Pax Romana" (Roman Peace).

Yet, Hadrian showed his weakness and fallibility by adoring to the point of obsession the Greek boy Antinous.

I thought this aspect of the story was particularly original, unique and probably a bit disturbing but then again, it's based on historical facts!

Bottom line: As an action-rpg exclusive to the PSP, Warriors of the Lost Empire is a welcome surprise and despite its evident flaws, it is still worth digging out. 7/10










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