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Soul Calibur Broken Destiny

version: european - year: 2009 - developer: namco - publisher: bandai namco - format: umd, psp - condition: mint - rarity: common

Largely based on Soul Calibur IV


Kratos is the special character specific to this version


Dampierre is the other new character and he is weird...


Algol is the final boss


With each new chapter of the series, Nightmare becomes less human

Review - After playing Soul Calibur IV on PS3, I thought it would have been really hard to come out with an impressive version for PSP, but I was so wrong!

Obviously, you won’t find the same mind-boggling quality graphics here, but instead you’ll simply find the best looking fighter for any portable device in existence as of today...

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny is basically a port of Soul Calibur IV, but it adds a character, Frenchman Dampierre, and features as a special character Kratos from Gods of War. Kratos fits in quiet nicely in the character roster, and has a number of impressive moves which make him a worthy pick.

Strangely, Soul Calibur Broken Destiny lacks a proper single player Arcade Mode, but in turn it has a quick match option, structured like online matches with CPU-controlled players with different experience waiting for you in the lobby and a Gauntlet Mode which is some sort of super tutorial with a story, which ends up with a full match against Algol.

Character Creation mode returns, and it allows a great amount of character customization, down to the customization of the portrait frame and background. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change characters physical traits aside from the face, so this is kind of a step backwards compared to SCIV.

Aside from this though, Soul Calibur on PSP is simply astounding. The Critical Finish moves look spectacular (you can achieve them once you break your opponent’s Soul Gauge) , the game plays perfectly, looks gorgeous, sounds convincing, in a word, it is by far the best PSP fighting game, and worth purchasing even if you already own SCIV.

Bottom line: the best 3d fighter on any portable device. 9/10










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