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R-Type Command aka R-Type Tactics

version: usa - year: 2008 - developer: irem - publisher: atlus - format: psp, umd - condition: near mint - rarity: common

R-Type Tactics has really cool abstract artwork on the cover in the original Japanese version which was dropped in favor of rendered and more explicit artwork for the western releases.



























Review - As a long time R-Type fan, I was a bit sad when R-Type Final was released, since I considered R-Type to be the synonym of side-scrolling shooters and I felt like the genre was indeed coming to an end after all.

Final was a beautiful swan-song indeed although at the time, I seriously doubted it would really be the last game of the series because companies are greedy and sometimes they will milk their franchise to death to make a few extra bucks.

When R-Type Tactics was eventually announced, I wasn’t surprised to see the franchise come back but I sure was surprised to see it come back as a turn-based strategy game!

Being a hardcore shmupper, my first reaction was to be deeply disappointed and I just forgot about the game entirely. Time passed and I eventually saw a used copy of it laying around in a shop, so I decided to get it. I didn’t really think I would actually play it though but in the end, curiosity proved to be too strong. I can say that after inserting the UMD into my PSP, it never got out of it until a massive amount of hours passed, and until all 60 missions were completed and yes, R-Type Command is that good.

I am far from being a strategy game player, but this is different. Sure, my first few attempts at it ended up in a complete bloodbath for me, as I got repeatedly annihilated. I was really considering to give up until I started understanding the play mechanics and I saw “the light”!

R-Type Command is a side-scrolling turn-based strategy game in which you advance within a hex-grid, much like in a game of Chess. If this sounds unexciting, well it really isn’t because R-Type Command lets you control a variety of different units, which look great and play rather differently.

Graphically, the side-view is beautifully detailed, with levels even including 1 or 2 layers of parallax scrolling. Most bosses from R-Type 1 return and it is just awesome to replay that game with this new play mechanic.

When attacks are unleashed, sometimes a cut-scene will be randomly played to show the action in a more spectacular way. This is both a good and a bad thing because when you see the same cut-scene for the 100th time, you may start to get a bit irritated, right? Luckily, it is possible to skip those scenes but the game will still start to load them before you can skip them so they will slow down the pace of the action anyways.

Another thing that bothered me especially towards the end of the game is the huge amount of time the CPU will take to complete its turn. This can become rapidly annoying…

The last negative element in this otherwise awesome package could be that the game tends to become repetitive after a while but I must say that for me, the levels were varied enough and missions were interesting enough to keep me busy and entertained all along.

R-Type Command is a daring step Irem took to reinvent the franchise and I must say to their credit that this game adds a lot to the R-Type universe, both in terms of story and depth of the Bydo universe.

Bottom line: To conclude, R-Type Command is a work of love and it is aimed at all the R-Type supporters out there who will have to sit down and note how blurring the limits between a straight 2D shooter and a strategy game can be done achieving total success. 9/10










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