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NEOGEO HEROES ~Ultimate Shooting~

version: jp - year: 2010 - developer: snk playmore - publisher: snk playmore - format: psp, umd - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon


Two games for the price of one, what are you waiting for?



Review - I was expecting a big disaster but instead, NeoGeo Heroes Ultimate Shooting is actually good.

If you feel like playing Shikigami No Shiro with Mai Shiranui then you should get this game asap. The characters roster is strong, some of the background graphics are pretty decent and the gameplay is surprisingly compelling given that the PSP is far from being ideal for bullet hell shooters.

The fact that NeoGeo Ultimate Heroes also includes a port of the arcade KOF Sky Stage is really a nice bonus.

Bottom line: As simple as this game is, it is nicely presented and very addictive. Purchase it without hesitation if you are a fan of shooters or SNK. 8/10










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