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God of War: Il Fantasma di Sparta (Ghost of Sparta)

version: pal (it) - year: 2010 - developer: ready at dawn - publisher: sony computer entertainment - format: psp, umd - condition: mint - rarity: common

One of the best PSP games and a meanigful chapter in the God of War series.


Learning about Kratos past...


The combat is again the strong point of this series


When Kratos is sea sick, he tends to become upset...

Review - The previously released God of War Chain of Olympus showed that the PSP could meaningfully contribute to the God of War series and this sequel reiterates that statement and actually delivers one of the best games for the system as well.

In all honesty though, I found the initial hour or so of play to be underwhelming. It seemed that Ghost of Sparta didn't have anything to add at all compared to Chains of Olympus.

Even when things were supposed to get better, with the plot taking Kratos to Atlantis, I couldn't help but feel disappointed.

The on-screen action was predictable and the graphics were the same as in the previous chapter, meaning that cut-scenes were certainly not as good as in Dissidia for instance and background graphics were again empty and with little color presumably to use the aging PSP hardware power to focus on character models and combat animations.

I could not believe Atlantis was such a barren and empty place, with little to distinguish it from any other level. Suddenly, when I was to give up hope, the game started to become way more inspired, with better thought out gameplay and richly decorated backgrounds graphics, so much so that by the time Kratos pays a return visit to Atlantis, the place looks gorgeous, almost saturated with wonderful details giving it a unique atmosphere.

The music also eventually picked up and became better providing memorable tunes to enhance the action in key moments.

Gameplay also got better, as it culminated in a memorable final boss fight which really is both gorgeous to look at and super fun to play.

But I must say that everything didn't get better as I found puzzles to be underwhelming and...well, a bit useless.

Anyways, despite a slow start and some uninspired puzzles, Ghost of Sparta will still provide you with gaming happiness in a crescendo of inspired locations, and memorable boss fights.

Bottom line: Better than Chains of Olympus although inferior to God of War II and III. 9/10










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