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Akumajo Dracula X Chronicle aka Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicle

version: jp, limited edition - year: 2007 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: psp, umd - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

The limited edition includes an art book, the OST, a poster, a keychain and some other crap. Don't think I ever got the OST though or I can't find it, which sucks because the music is awesome in this game.



"Vor langer Zeit lebten die Menschen glücklich und zufrieden, niemand bemerkte den Schatten der sich langsam über ihnen ausbreitete. Die Dunkelheit trübte ihre Sinne, und das Böse fraß sich tief in ihre Seelen. Vom Wahnsinn getrieben schmiedeten sie einen Pakt mit dem Teufel. Zur späten Stunde kamen sie zusammen um gemeinsam die Mächte der Finsternis mit ihrem sündigen Blut zu rufen. Sie zu erlösen von ihrer sterblichen Existenz, dem Anbeginn einer neuen Welt vor Augen. Und so begab es sich das nach 100 Jahren das Böse wieder Fleisch geworden war. Als unsterbliches Geschöpf der Nacht kann es die Gestalt des Wolfs, der Fledermaus oder des Nebels annehmen. Es labt sich am Blut der Menschen... Dracula, der Fürst der Finsternis, Herr des Schlosses ist auferstanden...."


The intro has been redone exactly following the Pc Engine original, including the awesome German voice over. Excellent stuff!


Review - It took me a long time to actually decide to play this episode of Castlevania. Being advertised and sold as a 3D remake of one of the best games of the series (Dracula X on Pc Engine), didn't impress me much. Also, the graphics from the screenshots didn't look very colorful or inspired.

After playing through the game, I must admit that calling it a mere remake of Dracula X is just misleading since Dracula X Chronicle feels like a brand new Castlevania game, with great production values and with a clever use of 3D graphics.

Dracula X Chronicle is more of a straight action game compared to most of the previous "MetroidVania" games which came out before it although it does include a fair amount of path-branching which will inevitably require to play levels more than once after you have unlocked the necessary skills to access certain areas. Rescuing characters also influences the ending which can be good or bad depending on who you rescued. I was very pleased with this PSP outing...

The soundtrack is also definitely inspired and holds a place up there with the best music of the whole series.

Moreover, there are many meaningful unlockables such as the original PCE Dracula X Rondo of Blood and the PSone semi-sequel Symphony of the Night. Other cool unlockables are the full soundtracks for all three games!

If there is something I should mention which slightly disappointed me is that both Dracula X Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night are letter-boxed and don't take full advantage of the PSP screen because they are just emulated and they were not fully reprogrammed for the PSP.

Bottom line: In the end, I warmly recommend Dracula X Chronicle because it pays homage to one of the greatest games available in Konami's catalogue while also providing a fresh and playable chapter of this long-running saga. One word on the remake of the intro: just fabulous! 9/10










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