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Dead or Alive Paradise

version: pal (de) - year: 2010 - developer: team ninja- publisher: tecmo koei - format: psp, umd - condition: mint - rarity: common

The weird breast bouncing which characterized the DoA series has been somewhat addressed here although at times, those chests will seem to have a mind of their own!


Beach Volley is by far the most entertaining part of this game.


Here try to race a friend on pool hopping by pressing the correct psp buttons. Keep the button pressed for longer for longer jumps.


Black Jack is actually good I must say


Here, butt fights at last ;)You have to unlock 100 Venus clips to get to play this mini-game.


Review -Dead or Alive Paradise basically explores what the characters from the regular fighting game series of Dead or Alive do when they are on vacation.

Released before on the original Xbox as Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, it then got a sequel on the Xbox360 and finally landed on PSP as a remake of the previous games.

I always thought that the idea behind this series was a bit disturbing. You are basically some kind of Big Brother whose eye is constantly spying on these beauties, who for some ridiculous pretext of a reason, are all stuck on a paradise island, and the game basically assumes that there are only two men in that island: Zak who is the owner and...you!

Cause let's face it, this game is like a softcore porn movie, created by men for a male demographics.

Ok so about the game, it is really a series of mini-games which include activities such a Beach Volleyball, pool hopping, Casino games (Blackjack, slot machines etc) and unlockable activities such as butt-fights(!), beach flag and pole dancing.

Graphically, the character models do look good and they better do because they are the focus of the entire game.

Backgrounds look a bit simple with not much detail, but I guess that nobody will care.

The music is a selection of ok songs which make you feel like you are on vacation while gameplay just feels a bit disconnected.

I mean, beach volley is actually fun but at times, it seems like the only activity worth doing as the other ones, like taking pictures of the girls, playing pool hopping , or going around buying accessories for yourself or for the other girls in an attempt to make friends gets old quickly.

I played the game only with a few of the characters so far and unlocking the secret mini-games and activities proved to be pretty damn boring...

Bottom line: This game is only worth it if you find it cheap, because after a couple of play-through, chances are your motivation to unlock the various extra mini-games may seriously starts to wither.6,5/10










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