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Dissidia Final Fantasy

version: pal (de)- year: 2009 - developer: square enix - publisher: square enix - format: psp, umd - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

In case you are wondering, the word Dissidia comes from the Latin word Dissidium or Discidium, meaning separation, division, fracture or schism.


Europe got an exclusive limited edition which includes a mini soundtrack cd, a 48-pages hardcover artbook, an official Brady Games mini guidebook and 2 beautiful postcards.


Terra EX gauge takes ages to fill up but her standard HP attacks are powerful and versatile.


The quality of the cut-scenes is mind boggling...


Advancing in Dissidia's world is done by moving your character across a chess-board. This allows you to choose which enemy to fight. No random encounters here!


Tidus is ready to get a huge energy ball across his teeth


The character roster is very good. Cloud, Squall, Sepiroth...



Review - Dissidia Final Fantasy is surprising but somehow, it had to be expected! This game is what happens when an RPG giant like Square Enix moves into fighting games territory. In a word, 42 hours of single player mode and counting...

The mammoth singleplayer story mode is clever as it requires to undertake different mission with all of the characters roster. This allows you to familiarize yourself with all characters and finally pick up the one you prefer for the last series of missions.

Dissidia is basically a 3D free-roaming 1-on-1 fighting game with an emphasis on rpg elements.

The fighting mechanic is clever although a bit complex to master. Attacks are split between bravery attacks and hp attacks. Bravery attacks do not deal any damage but allow hp attacks to inflict more damage.

Also, a meter (EX gauge) can be filled by either taking damage or by collecting crystals scattered around the fighting arenas. When the meter is full, a devastating and highly spectacular EX burst attack can be unleashed.

The EX burst attacks are really the highlight of the game and what makes it so spectacular and enjoyable. Also, it is possible to collect and equip different summons which will help during battles.

Dissidia Final Fantasy reinvigorates the fighting games arena by bringing in a lot of fresh ideas which have been lifted by the RPG universe of Final Fantasy.

The mix is really entertaining and is supported by a solid in-game 3D engine, cool 3d character models and diverse levels.

Some of the levels look a bit empty and lack detail but in turn, they feature interactive elements which can be used to your advantage during fights.

The music is of very high quality as it offers new or remixed tunes from past Final Fantasy games.

Cut-scenes are probably the best you will ever get to see on your PSP screen and represent a powerful incentive to go through some of the most uninspired bits of the story.

Bottom line: Dissidia shines bright above most other games in the PSP catalogue. 9/10










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