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Uncharted Golden Abyss

version: pal (de)- year: 2012 - developer: sce bend studio - publisher: sony computer entertainment - format: ps vita, ps vita card- condition: mint - rarity: common

The German version has full English voices and subtitles.


The intricate, full 3D environment take a hit in terms of colors and frame-rate on this PS Vita release...


...although things start looking better as you make progress


Gameplay is entertaining as usual


More stress is put on stealth kills this time around


This shot was used for the cover art of the Japanese version of the game


Enjoying the view


Characters acting is the best you will get on any portable device.

Review - I wasn't too thrilled to play Uncharted Golden Abyss after I read a few reviews dismissing it as a lesser entry in the Uncharted series and to be really honest, the first impression I had when I first started the game was far from positive.

A few things immediately bothered me: the lack of color in the graphics made them look not as good as expected but even worse, the frame rate seemed to be under 30 fps, which really made movement feel slow.

It took some time to get used to the slower frame rate as aiming in some cases proved to be more laborious than actually needed and worst of all, it didn’t feel nearly as responsive as in the other games in the series.

I guess that after some time, I got used to the choppier pace of Uncharted Golden Abyss, and the fact that the game knows its weaknesses and use them to propose a different playing style and in fact a stealthier experience is a good thing. Platforming and puzzle-solving elements are still present by the bucket-load, enhanced (or not?) by the touch screen and built-in gyroscope of the Vita.

Also, I did enjoy the story, the quality of the acting and the graphics which became gradually more colorful and overall better.

As far as the Vita hardware is concerned, a insane amount of control options are offered although in the end, I tended to use the regular PS3-style controls whenever I could, because for this game, they seem to just work better.

Bottom line: In the end, this is proper Uncharted but it's less about shooting and more about stealthy kills. For this, it feels fresh in terms of gameplay and it provides solid entertainment in the realm of portable devices. 8/10










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