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Gravity Rush aka Gravity Daze

version: north america - year: 2012 - developer: sony computer entertainment japan - publisher: sony - format: ps vita, ps vita card - condition: mint - rarity: common

Playstation Vita games come on a proprietary flash memory card and include no manual! Sony goes green with our money it seems cause the games keep on being rather expensive!


The color palette is very evocative and feels fresh


Manipulating gravity can be an unsettling experience at first...


...until you figure everything out and start doing the unthinkable!


The secret of your powers lie within this mysterious black cat...












Review - One system I really didn’t think I would get any time soon was the Vita.

Expensive, with a games catalogue which didn’t impress me at all, I could think of a million better ways to spend my cash. And then Gravity Rush came out and it was conveniently sitting next to a used PS Vita, and…well, I gave in!

I have to say that I do not regret in the slightest to have done this since Gravity Rush is a unique piece of software.

I have to admit that the fabulous art style, reminiscent of French sci-fi comic book wizard Moebius is something to behold.

The blend of East and West is just untouchable and will bring to mind the art style also found in Panzer Dragoon (the first one).

The art style is strong and cut-scenes are delivered just like dynamic comic strips which can be tilted by using the Vita embedded gyroscope.

A game also needs substance to really deliver though and fear not, Gravity Rush has one feature which makes it unlike everything else released so far on any system; i.e. your ability to control gravity as you like.

As you can expect, this can be very disorienting at first but the system is easy enough to learn and really opens up a new world of possibilities both in terms of game design and boss fights.

Gravity Rush play-mechanics could be considered hardcore, since they require a learning curve that maybe not all players will be prepared to invest into.

In that sense, this is a bit of a niche game, but if you give Gravity Rush a chance, and get past the initial frustration of having to learn a completely new control system, then it will probably surprise you and fascinate you with its mind-twisting level design.

The only conservative aspect of the game are some of the enemy fights, which sometimes seem a bit too traditional and not particularly inspired or even well integrated into the main story.

Bottom line: Despite this small and only flaw, Gravity Rush will amaze you with its concept and will make you understand why a tablet can’t provide the same kind of experience than a dedicated high-end handheld device like the PS Vita. 9/10










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