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Steam Heart's

version: jp, w/ poster - year: 1994- developer: giga - publisher: tgl - format: pc-9801 - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

This original PC9801 version of Steam Heart's is the more sexually explicit. The deluxe packaging with the nice outer card-board sleeve brings to mind the packaging of X68000 games.


Levels tend to be drawn simply, with little detail in the backgrounds


Bosses are generally well drawn and are also the most challenging part of the game


The scrolling is apparently very decent for PC-98 standard although if compared to the other versions running on PC Engine and Saturn, it is definitely not as smooth.


You actually have a life bar in this game, but be careful it can get depleted fast


Steam heart's probably looks better in still pictures


The hentai sequences appear at the end of each stage


and they become more graphic as you make progress in the game


yeah, here I was surprised


and here I was even more surprised! WTF?!

Review -Steam Heart's is an underground 2D vertical shooter which was released originally on PC-9801, and then on Pc Engine CD and Sega Saturn with some notable differences.

What makes Steam Heart's different is that it has a hentai flavor which is more pronounced on the PC98 version, while it was sanitized for the console ports with the Sega Saturn version being the one which suffers the greatest amount of censorship.

On PC-98, the game is considered interesting not only because of the hentai content but also because of the vertical scroll which apparently the machine is not supposed to handle well.

As a shooter, it is rather average although some of the weapons like homing lasers look cool.

Bosses are generally challenging also because of the shaky collision detection, but this could also be related to the fact I played this game emulated, because I do not own an actual PC-98 machine.

I would say that compared to the Saturn version, Steam Heart's on PC-98 is definitely more challenging even on easy mode.

I was actually glad to get this game to work emulated on my Windows 7 x64 Quad Core without a problem. In the end, we are still talking PC gaming here since the PC-98 was based on the X86 architecture ;)

Bottom line: better than the Saturn port, but still an average shooter. 6,5/10










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