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Super God Trooper Zeroigar aka Tyoujin Heiki Zeroigar

version: jp - year: 1997 - developer: nec home electronics - publisher: nec home electronics - format: pc-fx, cdrom - condition: near mint, w/o spine - rarity: very


The intro and cut-scenes are unbelievable for a shooter


Gameplay interruptions can be skipped


Graphics become better as you progress


Only the primary weapon can be upgraded


Mid-level bosses aren't very hard


The last boss has 3 forms so beware


The game-over music is very inspired

Review - Super God Trooper Zeroigar is the one and only shooter on PC-FX as most of the other games on Nec's 32 bit are adventure games, puzzle games, dating sims and RPGs (with the exception of the awesome Zenki FX).

Zeroigar interestingly points the direction towards which the PC-FX was heading at the time: not 3D but a happy fusion between pumped 2D graphics graced by cool special effects and beautifully hand-drawn anime style cut-scenes. Unfortunately, this proved to be the wrong path as the market wasn't interested in 2D anymore but was 3D hungry. But let's go back to Zeroigar now.

Well, having played the game through, I can say that Zeroigar is a competent product that gets better and better as you advance further into the game. For one thing, the intro and various cut-scenes between levels that serve to advance the story are really a work of art. They are comparable to the best quality Japanese anime. They are colourful, very nicely animated and just work marvels to get the player involved into the story. Their full screen beauty is only slightly tarnished by the resolution which is better than what you find on Saturn games but worse than Playstation's. Oh and by the way, cut-scenes can all be skipped so they can't be accused of ruining the flow of the game (like they did in Super Dimension Fortress Macross for instance).

The in-game graphics start out pretty plain-looking and not very exciting up until level 3 where things do become exponentially better. The further you venture into the game, the more inspired the backgrounds become. Distortions, rotations, parallax scrolling, sudden accelerations, tons of bullets and huge bosses will gradually make their appearance in a crescendo of rarely seen artistic direction that culminates with the beautiful final boss and the extra lengthy ending sequence.

With Zeroigar, you can forget about the customary static screenshot that greets you with a “congratulations, you win!” exclamation: here you'll be treated with one of the coolest ending sequence in any shooter.

The music, sound effects and speeches are flawlessly done and in particular I found the bgms to become more pleasant the more I listened to them.

Gameplay is very classic as you have a main upgradable shot and a wide selection of secondary weapons that are very powerful but that can't always be used because they use up a meter when performed. Secondary weapons aren't all accessible from the start but get unlocked as you accumulate playing time. If you are in need of a smart bomb, it will become available as a secondary weapon and although very powerful it voraciously drains all of your meter so it really can't be used more than once (or maybe twice) a level. So my advice is to use other less powerful weapons that don't drain your meter as much. Zeroigar isn't an easy game. The Mech you control takes up a big portion of the screen so it isn't always easy to slalom your way between bullets. Its bulkiness is partially compensated by its great speed though! Moreover, your Mech has a life meter so it will take more than one hit to lose a life (although once you lose your life, you get sent to the beginning of the level).

That said, there is no question that Zeroigar is a good game but the legitimate question to ask at this point would be: is Zeroigar a good shooter because there are no such alternatives on the PC-FX or is it good even considering shooters on other consoles?

The answer is very simple: Zeroigar is a great shooter in its own right and it is really memorable even compared to other vertical shooters. Is it worth getting a PC-FX for it? I am not sure about how to answer this question but to me, it was damn worth it!!

Bottom line: a shooter reminiscent of Musha Aleste, packing high quality audio-visuals, beautiful cut-scenes and addictive gameplay....9/10











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