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Akumajo Dracula Judgment aka Castlevania Judgment

version: jp, w/ calendar - year: 2009 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: wii, dvd - condition: mint - rarity: common

Preorder calendar w/ Takeshi Obata artwork


Simon's look is lifted from the revamped 2001 Castlevania Chronicle PS game


Carmilla finish is awesome but...


...something is wrong in this japanese version. Her voice disappears in this part, no matter if you set the game with English or Japanese voice-overs. Very annoying also considering that the jp version was even released after the US game!


Dominatrix looking for a prey!


Maria is actually a powerful character and the owl is a powerful ally.


Shanoa from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia


her long-range and close-quarter attacks are fast and effective


Alucard has of course the powers of a Vampire...


...but Dracula is more powerful, although much slower


Special finish moves are often very inspired


Review - What would happen if most of the Castlevania characters from Simon to Alucard to Maria and to whomever you can think of got together for a free for all brawl?

The prospect would sure look promising! A time-rift to reunite all, a time keeper to set the rules and a horrible abomination to be defeated beyond Dracula, to allow a return to normality.

Castlevania and 3D never really matched so I was ready for the big disaster but after bringing out my GameCube pad and connecting it to the Wii, I must admit that Castlevania Judgment is rather playable and looks reasonably good for Wii standards. Sure, some additional polygons would have benefitted the characters but then again, if this game came out on PS3 or XBox 360, Tekken and Soul Calibur would have sent it back beyond the time-rift it talks about and into prehistory.

But on Wii, there aren't many great one-on-one fighting games, so Castlevania Judgment can be the king of its own little turf.

Gameplay is full 3D similar to Toshinden, but luckily it is better than that game. What maybe sets this game a bit above most other fighting games is the music, and the strong character roster, each character having his/her own cool story.

Castlevania freaks will rejoice, especially when seeing some of the Special finishers, which look memorable.

Bottom line: This isn't the most sophisticated or balanced fighting game out there but it gets the job done. If you are a Castlevania fan, you know what needs to be done! 8/10










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