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Alien Crush Returns

version: pal - year: 2008 - developer: tamsoft - publisher: hudson soft - format: wiiware digital download - condition: n.a. - rarity: n.a.

Late sequel of the PCE original Alien Crush


The main boards are playable but lack personality


Bonus stages are totally underwhelming














Review - 16 years after Jaki Crush was released on Super Famicom, the gothic "Crush" pinballseries is back, this time as a download-only wiiware release developed by Tamsoft.

This 4th installment is actually a remake of Alien Crush, so the Aliens theme returns, this time displayed in 3D.

Being a long-time fan of anything Crush-related, I was very happy when I first heard about this. After going through the game though, I cannot hide a hint of disappointment.

Alien Crush Returns is certainly a playable pinball game, but it does lack polish and personality.

The graphics look fair, but the few bonus levels included look simplistic and totally uninspired both in terms of design and table layout.

The main boards are luckily much better, with improved design and variety, but the physics of the pinball seem to be a bit off.

This can be offset by using some of the special abilities that you can acquire or by using the tilt option.

Several powers (or abilities) can be unlocked which can allow to get for example an extra ball, a speed boost, change direction mid-way or even sacrifice one of your pinballs to deal extra damage like a suicide bomber!

There are also a few other powers which can be unlocked either by completing certain game modes or by playing the game for some time. Once they become available, the extras can be downloaded for free.

There is even an nice but very short extra stage for download which you can get after playing the game for some time. Just connect online to check for updates often and eventually you'll get it.

Maybe I was expecting too much from this wiiware release although I am still thankful this glorious series was resurrected but some additional work on it would have probably made it a much better game.

Bottom line: As things stand, Tamsoft proved to be a lesser studio, which can't really do this great series the justice it deserves. 6,5/10










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