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Soul of Darkness

version: euro - year: 2010 - developer: gameloft - publisher: gameloft - format: 3ds, dsiware

Available as a digital download only


An audio-visual tribute to Castlevania..


...with a short but sweet adventure worth every minute of it

Review - Gameloft is a brand that established itself as a quality content provider in the mobile phones scene with a steady output of technically impressive and playable games which heavily borrowed from the biggest franchises of the console universe.

Of the many clones they brought out, one in particular struck me for being an extremely good game in its own right, that game was Soul of Darkness. Being a long time Castlevania veteran, I always had an eye on this game but never got around to actually play it because initially I didn't own a compatible cell phone to download it and when Soul of Darkness was finally ported to console via DSiware, my Nintendo DS was the older model with no DSiware support.

Time passed and when I eventually got around getting a 3DS XL (basically to play Code of Princess), I was finally able to also download Soul of Darkness.

To my surprise, Soul of Darkness feels like a lost or missing chapter in the Castlevania series and yes it is that good.

Of course, being initially a cell phone release, the level layout is simplified but this isn't a bad thing in the slightest because it makes the gaming experience more arcade-like which I do appreciate.

Graphically, Soul of Darkness is really impressive, with its detailed sprite-work, smooth animations and beautifully drawn backgrounds.

The music is also worth mentioning as it fits the gothic universe perfectly while gameplay is straightforward, yet not too simplistic. It is in fact possible to upgrade your weapons or powers and to toggle between elemental attacks such as fire and ice. Alternating between the two is required to advance in the game as each elemental attack allows to overcome obstacles (such as using ice spears to create temporary platforms to reach higher spots etc).

Bottom line: In summary, Soul of Darkness definitely deserves a download and a play-through. Well done Gameloft! 8/10










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