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Code of Princess

version: euro - year: 2013 - developer: agatsuma entertainment - publisher: agatsuma entertainment - format: 3ds eshop download - condition: n.a. - rarity: n.a.

Agatsuma published the game in pal territories only as an eShop title whereas in Japan and north america, Code of Princess also saw a boxed release.


Some of the characters are intriguing


Similar to Guardian Heroes in more than a way


Co-op is available through on-line play


A small illustration booklet and the OST were included with boxed copies of the game as pre-order bonuses


The Official Artbook


The PVC statuette which inspired the game is glorious

Review - Developed and published by the semi-unknown Japanese company   Agatsuma Entertainment, Code of Princess is a side-scrolling fighter which could be considered as the spiritual sequel of Treasure's Guardian Heroes (some of the same people worked on both titles).

The action takes place in 2D although there are 3 plans on which to move exactly like in Guardian Heroes. The effect here works even better when flipping your 3DS screen to 3D.

Code of Princess was actually developed following the creation of the main character in the game, Princess Solange who is noticeable for a couple of reasons: not only she is walking around half-naked, but she also carries a huge sword, the   DeLuxcalibur.

The western translation of the game is actually smart enough to make fun of it all, as several times, Solange's brother makes some remarks on her provocative outfit.


Talking now about the game itself, I found it a very pleasant diversion, as I really enjoyed the bite-size missions, the variety of the moves at your disposal, and the overall difficulty of the game which isn't a total walk in the park.

The animations of the characters on screen and their design is also note-worthy while the graphical theme coupled with the use of 3D via the 3DS 3D slider really worked well and reminded me of pop-up fairy tale books for children.

Some criticism now: I found the RPG element to be a bit under-used as I kept on accumulating gold but couldn't really spend most of it because the items in the shop didn't really have good stats, except for some, so by the time I completed the game, I had an insane amount of extra cash just sitting in my inventory.

Another thing which left me a bit cold is that some of the moves felt a bit awkward. I am specifically thinking of one move that allows you to make a slash in the air as many times as you want and virtually float across the screen indefinitely.

Finally, some players may find the game to feel a bit slow although I did enjoy this aspect because thinking about it, the   DeLuxcalibur is a huge and heavy weapon so Solange shouldn't be able to lift it as if it was a toothpick.

Bottom line: To conclude, I found Code of Princess to be a nice little game and a great time killer. Go for it if you are looking for some uncomplicated action with some decent audio-visuals and slightly challenging gameplay. 8/10










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