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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate

version: pal (es) - year: 2013 - developer: mercurysteam - publisher: konami - format: 3ds - condition: mint - rarity: common

These 3 beautiful oversize cards were available as a pre-order bonus at gamestop. Only 1500 of each were made.

Review - As part of the Spanish-developed Lords of Shadow trilogy, this chapter in the saga is a clever re-interpretation of the Metroidvania template which now throws at you spectacular 3D graphics (thanks to the 3DS display), an illustrious roster of characters including all time favorite Simon Belmont and Alucard, and a very satisfying fighting system with awesome chains and finishers reminiscent of God of War.

The only negative note are some of the background graphics which look samey and not colorful enough

Bottom line: In the end, Mirror of Fate is a very welcome addition to this glorious saga. 8,5/10










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