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December 4th

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Xbox)
Castlevania Portrait of Ruin (Nindendo Ds)
Thunder Force VI (Ps2)

November 1st Eschatos (Xbox 360)
Undead Knights (Psp)
Warriors of the Lost Empire (Psp)
October 9th

Tomak Save the Earth, Again (Gp32)
Little Wizard (Gp32)

Some miscellaneous GameGear stuff:
Aerial Assault
Bare Knuckle
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse
Halley Wars
Prince of Persia


October 6th Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Ps3)
October 2nd Dead or Alive Paradise (Psp)
September 25th Castlevania Lords of Shadow (Ps3)


It's official. My PS3, the 40 Gigs FAT model is a steaming pile of crap. Really, it is. First, the laser lens dies on me after 2 and a half years of use. I replace that piece with a new one, and what happens like five months later? The damn thing breaks down again!! Is it the laser lens again, or maybe the blu-ray player this time? Not sure, so I order the whole piece from ebay, with a year warranty. Let's see how long it will last this time around...I just can't set my mind to buy a new PS3, despite the recent price cut. The newer model doesn't look as good imo, plus why should I give Sony more money for their crap work?!


September 11th The Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION GOTY: Shivering Isles (Ps3)
Assassin's Creed II (Ps3)
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Ps3)
Demon's Souls (Ps3)
Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City (Ps3)
Bayonetta (Xbox 360)
Steam Heart's (PC-9801)
July 27th R-Type Command (Psp)
July 16th Aztec Challenge (C-64)
Katakis (C-64)
July 15th Dynamite Duke (X68000)
Gulkave (Sega Mark III - Master System)
July 11th Sol Feace (Mega Cd)
July 10th Abadox (Famicom)
Final Mission (Famicom)
Cyborg 009 (Mega Cd)
Götzendiener (Pc Engine Cd)
Image Fight II (Pc Engine Cd)
Super Darius (Pc Engine Cd)
Super Darius II (Pc Engine Cd)
Terra Cresta II (Pc Engine HuCard)
Video Game Anthology Vol.1: Moon Cresta - Terra Cresta (X68000)
April 25th

PSP Reviews:
Darius Burst
Dissidia Final Fantasy
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Metal Slug XX
NEOGEO HEROES~Ultimate Shooting~
Salamander Portable

C-64 Reviews:
Cybernoid The Fighting Machine
Cybernoid II The Revenge
Street Hassle


After just 2 years and a half, my PS3 died. But it wasn't a sudden death, but rather a slow and rampant decay of the laser eye, which must have gone myopic or something. One of my Xbox 360 friends could hardly hide his chuckles and suggested I put a contact lens onto the laser eye...

I did get one of those cleaning DVD sets which come with a little embedded brush and a cleaning solution, but that didn't help. What to do? Get a new PS3? No way! After googling my problem, I found out it is very common especially among earlier models which have a very sensitive laser eye which is used to read both DVDs and BDs.

And this is what messes with my mind: BDs of any kind (movies or games) could not be read anymore but...DVD always could!!

Anyways, I eventually stumbled across a super useful youtube tutorial on how to replace the laser lens. After finding out which laser lens my model actually mounts, I ordered it on ebay and...voila now my PS3 is working again (for how long that's another matter).

The Problem:
My old laser lens was depressed when I took it out of the PS3. It then looked at me with tears in the one eye, and threatened to commit suicide by jumping down the stairs...what to do, the situation was critical!
The Solution:
After a lengthy negotiation, I was able to convince the Laser lens (named KES-400A) that I still had some use for it. Now it is happily on display with the X-Blades figurine and the Killzone 3 helmet.


March 6th Z-Out (Amiga 500)
BattleMaster (Amiga 500)
Centurion Defender of Rome (Amiga 500)
Supremacy (Amiga 500)
February 27th Entity (Amiga 500)
Baal (Amiga 500)
February 26th Katakis (Amiga 500)
Fire and Brimstone (Amiga 500)
February 20th Scorpius (X68000)
Naious (X68000)
D-Return (X68000)
Thunder Force II (X68000)
Sol Feace (X68000)
Brain Dead 13 (Playstation)
Capcom Retro Game Collection Vol.2 (Playstation)
Falsion (Famicom Disk System)
February 6th Valis The Fantasm Soldier (Sharp X1)
Death Brade (X68000)
Conan (C64)
Castlevania (C64)
February 5th Ibara (Ps2)
January 30th R-Type (X68000)
Strider Hiryu (X68000)
Street Fighter II ' (X68000)
Guerrière Lyewärd (X68000)
Nemesis '90 Kai (X68000)
January 29th Otomedius G (Xbox 360)
Castlevania Judgment (Wii)
GS Mikami (Super Famicom)
Edono Kiba (Super Famicom)
January 28th Atomic Runner Chelnov (Mega Drive)
Akumajo Dracula X Chronicle (Psp)
January 26th Splatterhouse Part 2 (Mega Drive) - review updated
Splatterhouse Part 3 (Mega Drive) - review updated
January 23rd

A hopefully interesting update to start the year with one of the most elusive gaming machines in the west , the X68000! I finally managed to get one of these beasts up and running, and I must say that it is spectacular!
So here we go with a few selected games to start off...

X68000 XVI - 2 Mb Ram - Capcom CPS Joystick Adaptor - Midi board CZ-6BM1 + Roland SC-155 (not pictured)

Atomic Runner Chelnov
Last Battalion
Mahou Daisakusen
Valis II The Fantasm Soldier










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