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Year 2009
December, 21st I recently rediscovered an awesome retro website with plenty of information, screenshots and reviews of Pc Engine, Super Famicom and Famicom Disk System games, so I recommend you check it out at http://www.videogameden.com/
Some miscellaneous updates before christmas: Iridion 3D (Gba), Killzone 2 (Ps3), and Space Berserker (LaserActive)
November, 18th

I am still in handheld mode so a few updates for nintendo's portable consoles:
Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula Kun (Gb), Makaimura Gaiden (Gb), Makaimura The Demon Darkness (Gb), Magical Chase GB (Gbc), Gunstar Super Heroes (Gba), Iridion II (Gba). To conclude, an update on the rare compilation for J-Windows, Valis Complete (Pc-Cdrom).

November, 11th
Nanostray 2 (Ds), a great little shooter, shin'en style!
November, 10th
Time for some pure and undiluted masochism with Goku Makaimura Kai (Psp) . Can you take this kind of old school massacre?
November, 3rd
A few retro updates, with some very unforgiving games: Disposable Hero, Super Stardust, Myth History In The Making and Pirates! Gold, all for Commodore's CD32 console. Then, some Mega Drive entries to take us back to the happy 16 bit days: Heavy Unit Mega Drive Special, Rastan Saga II, Valis III and Valis SD.
October, 23rd
Native (Jaguar CD demo)
October, 22nd

Back again with a couple of updates. The Atari Jaguar, Jaguar CD and Amiga 4000 sections have been opened although no links are yet available. For the rest, some minor errors were corrected in some reviews. Now onto the games:
Valis II The Fantasm Soldier (Msx2) - Goku Makaimura (Psp) - Ketsui Death Label (Ds)

October, 18th

I apologize for disappearing for a few months, but I should finally be back with a few games updates. Embarking on the restyling of my website ended up being a time-consuming vortex which literally sucked out hours of my life. Hopefully the end result is decent enough. Enjoy!

July 19th

June 15th
June 11th
May 17th
Dead Space (PS3)
April 26th
April 18th
April 1st
March 24th
February 04th
January 22nd
Conan (PS3) - Heavenly Sword (PS3) - Devil May Cry 4 (PS3)
January 17th
Conan (X-Box) - Kakuto Chojin (X-Box) - Capcom Fighting Jam (X-Box) - F.E.A.R. + Expansions (PC-DVDROM)










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