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Year 2008

May 3rd

V-V (Mega Drive)

Verytex (Mega Drive)

Phelios (Mega Drive)

Kujaku Oh 2 (Mega Drive)

Hino Tori (MSX2)

Knightmare (MSX)

April 12th

Arrow Flash (Mega Drive)

Earnest Evans (Mega CD)

April 6st

Whip Rush (Mega Drive)

March 31st

R-Type (Sega Mark III)

March 28th


Tatsujin 2 (Marty - FM Towns)

Tatsujin (Cross-Review Mega Drive - PC Engine)

L Dis (PCE CD)

El Viento ( Mega Drive)

Anet Futatabi (Mega CD)

March 22nd

XDR / X-Dazedly-Ray (Mega Drive)

March 15th

Last Hope (Neo-Geo CD/CDZ)

March 9th

Last Hope (Dreamcast, Limited Edition)

March 4th

Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer (PC CD-Rom)

February 10th

The Orange Box (PC DVD-ROM)

Quake 4 (PC DVD-ROM)










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