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Year 2006
December 27th Hellfire (Mega Drive)

December 17th

Hellfire S - The Another Story - (PCE CD)

December 9th

Advance Guardian Heroes (GBA)

November 20th

MetalGun Slinger (GBA)

November 16th

Gunnac (Famicom)

November 15th

Steel Empire (GBA)

November 13th

Demon's Blazon (SFC)

November 6th

Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth (N64)

November 2nd


Wings of Death (Amiga 500)

Lethal Xcess - Wings of Death II (Amiga 500)

Sword Maniac (SFC)

October 29th

Paranoia (PCE HuCard)

October 28th

Final Blaster (PCE HuCard)

October 18th


After playing through the PC Engine "Soldier" trilogy and Gunhed (which for some odd reason is often associated to the series), in retrospect I decided to slightly touch up the scores of some games. In particular, I honestly think that Soldier Blade deserves the crown of best vertical shooter of the bunch, closely followed by Gunhed, which is plagued by an excessive difficulty. So here is how I would rank them: 1-Soldier Blade, 2-Gunhed, 3-Super Star Soldier, 4- Final Soldier.

Soldier Blade (PCE HuCard)

October 16th

Final Soldier (PCE HuCard)

October 12th

Super Star Soldier (PCE HuCard)

October 6th


Tonight, I just wanted to talk about how convenient is handheld gaming. I use to consider handheld games to be lesser versions of well established TV console games. Well, if that might have been the case in the past, with the advent of the GBA first and then with the all powerfull PSP and DS systems, things have dramatically changed! Now, many truly excellent games come out on these systems and the fact that you can play them whenever you feel, wherever you feel increases their appeal even more. I personally played Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow everywhere in my house from the sofa in the living room, to my bed (before going to sleep) and to the... bathroom! I mean, it is so convenient and the sleep-mode feature is such a great invention... In a word, handheld gaming has finally come to maturity. The technology is here, and the games are here too. So the lazyness factor has just been wiped out. No need to hook up countless cables to the TV or actually, no need to even get out of bed :) Gaming has never been so sweet!

Far Cry (PC)

Akumajo Dracula: Crucifix Of The Blue Moon (NDS)

September 11th

Halo -Combat Evolved (PC)

September 4th


After about 3 weeks of intense vacation which took me in about 6 different European countries, it took me about a good week to recover from all of the walking, the drinking, the travelling and even the surfing (well just a couple of basic lessons, but I did manage to stand up more than a few times hehe) But what's better than starting with a review for the new black Nintendo DS Lite console? It's slick, it's stylish and it makes me want to play games on it! I could never get passed the chubby design of the original Nintendo DS so I just waited for a restyled version, and I must say that it was damn worth it!

Danshaku (NDS)

August 4th


Ganryu (Neo-Geo AES Conversion)

Samurai Spirits Zero (Neo-Geo AES)

Burning Angels (PCE Hucard)

July 26th

Finally I got my hands on Sony's stylish handheld system! Better late than never ;)

Star Soldier (PSP)

Sengoku Ace Episode III (PSP)

July 25th

Gunhed (PCE Hucard)

July 24th

Spriggan Mark 2 (PCE CD)

July 23rd


Gain Ground SX (PCE CD)

Down Load 2 (PCE CD)

July 22nd

Down Load (PCE HuCard)

July 21st

Sonic Blast Man II (SFC)

Since I now have a Master System, I finally decided to play through Danan The Jungle Fighter and it certainly provided a good amount of old-fashioned, simple fun! The review has been updated.

July 19th

Battle Squadron (Mega Drive)

July 11th

Majuoh (aka Majyuuou / Demon Animal King) (SFC)

July 8th

Hybris (A500)

July 3rd

Power Strike II (Sega Master System)

July 2nd

Ashguine (MSX2)

Ashguine Story II (MSX2)

Ashguine Story III (MSX2)

July 1st

Aleste 2 (MSX2)

June 26th

Check out the Aleste MSX2 - Sega Mark III cross review!

June 21st

Menace (A500)

June 6th

Dennin Aleste (Mega Cd)

June 4th

Space Battleship Gomorrah (Mega Drive)

June 3rd

Gleylancer (Mega Drive)

June 2nd


Donald Duck in Maui Mallard (SFC /SNES)

Elemental Master (Mega Drive)

May 28th

Undead Line (Mega Drive)

May 22nd

Undead Line (MSX2)

May 7th

Under Defeat (Dreamcast)

May 2nd


Time for some big time retro update, I guess I am in a nostalgic mood :)

Amiga 500


Barbarian (Psygnosis)

Barbarian II (Psygnosis)

Blade Warrior

Blood Money

Dragon Fighter



Targhan (update)

Torvak the Warrior


Commodore 64


Atari ST

Shadow of the Beast

April 26th

Holy Striker (SFC)

April 25th

Dragon's Magic (SFC)

Dicing Knight (WSC / SwanCrystal)

Super Turrican (SNES)

Biometal (SNES)

Phalanx (SFC)

April 18th

Agony (Amiga 500)

Androgynus (MSX2)

April 1st

Over Horizon (Nes)

Conan (Nes)

Valis (Famicom)

March 31st

Aliens vs Predator (Super Famicom)

March 28th

Gunners Heaven (PSOne)

Andro Dunos (NGHS)

March 22th

Psychic Storm (PCE CD)

March 20th

Sinistron (TurboGrafx 16 / PCE HuCard)

March 15th

Iga Ninden Gaoh (PCE CD)

March 13th

The Crystal Of Kings (Crystal System)

February 27th

Strider (Arcade Card PCE CD)

February 26th

Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams (Turbo Grafx)

February 22th

Harmful Park (PSOne)

February 20th

Aleste Gaiden / Aleste Special (MSX2-MSX2+)

February 16th

R-Type (MSX-MSX2)

February 14th

Kaze Kiri (PCE CD)

February 13th

W Ring the Double Rings (PCE HuCard)

February 12th

Rayxanber III (PCE CD)

February 11th

Rayxanber II (PCE CD)

February 9th

Dead Moon (PCE HuCard)

February 8th

Dezaemon 2 (Sega Saturn)

February 5th

Silpheed The Lost Planet (PS2)

Shadow of Rome (PS2)

January 3rd

Space Manbow (MSX2 / MSX2+)










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