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Year 2005

December 28th


I finally got myself an MSX2+ from japan so I started playing some of my MSX games!

Valis The Fantasm Soldier (MSX) - UPDATED -

Rastan Saga (MSX2) - UPDATED -

Dogyuun (PCB)

December 24th


Castle Of Dragon (PCB)

oh and by the way, Merry Xmas to all 2D supporters out there!!

December 19th

R-Type Leo (PCB)

December 11th

Nazomakaimura Incredible Toons (Sega Saturn)

December 8th

Donpachi (Sega Saturn)

Layer Section (Sega Saturn)

December 2nd

Dragon Unit (Famicom)

November 27th

The Ghosts'n Goblins / Ghouls'n Ghosts section is finally open! It took some time but hopefully it has been time well spent, so enjoy!

November 26th

CrisisForce (Famicom)

November 20th


Sword Master (Famicom)

Swords of Destiny (PS2)

November 9th


I recently came across a couple of interesting unofficial HK Mega Drive releases while I was surfing on ebay and after asking to the seller to send me some in-game pics, I saw that not only the sprites and backgrounds looked like they were designed from scratch (and not borrowed from other games), but they also looked great!

The seller simply listed both games as beat'em up from HK so I had really no idea about their actual name since I can't read Chinese ideograms! When I said to myself that I was going to look at some online dictionary for a translation, I quickly got discouraged after I found out that there are thousands of ideograms to pick from (quiet a shock compared to our alphabet!) so I just had to ask a person from China to attempt to read the writings for me.

Considering I couldn't find any info on these games online, I'll give an arbitrary translation (from a Chinese source though at least!). Anyways for the people out there who are able to read Chinese, feel free to contact me if the translations are off!!

Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan (Beneath the Clouds) - Mega Drive

Yang Jia Jiang (Legend of the Commander of the Yang Family) - Mega Drive

November 1st

Devil May Cry 3 (PS2)

October 21th

Battle Fantasy (Mega-CD)

October 19th

Panzer Dragoon Mini (GameGear)

October 18th

Curse (Mega Drive)

October 13th

Musha Aleste (Mega Drive)

October 11th

GG Aleste II / Power Strike II (GameGear)

October 10th

In the Wake of Vampire (GameGear)

October 8th


NEW Rastan Section open!

Rastan (C-64 - Disk)

Rastan Saga (MSX2)

Valis The Fantasm Soldier (MSX)

October 6th

Psikyo Shooting Collection Vol.III-Sol Divide / Dragon Blaze (PS2)

The Shooting - Double Shienryu: Shienryu / Shienryu Explosion (PS2)

Rastan Saga (GG)

September 18th


Gourmet Sentai Bara Yarou (SFC)

NinjaWarriors Again (SFC)

Run=Dim Return to Earth (SwanCrystal)

Kiaidan 00 (PCE CD)

Review of Judgement Silversword updated after I was finally able to finish the game!

July 24th

Macross 2036 (PCE CD)

July 22nd

Trizeal (DC)

June 3rd

My Castlevania Collection Page is updated. Please check the bottom for some additional shots of my collection!

April 23rd

Renny Blaster (PCE)

March 31st

Override (PCE HuCARD)

March 29th

You don't agree with my rarity classification? Or maybe you just want to know what I take into account when I rate the rarity of a certain game? Here is an attempt at explaining the rationale behind it (scroll down a bit on the page)!

Super God Trooper Zeroigar (PC-FX)

March 28th

Gratia Second Earth (PCB)

March 25th

Xexex (PCB)

March 15th

Dracula Densetsu II (GB)

March 13th


Metamoqester (PCB)

Cho Aniki (PCE)

Ai Cho Aniki (PCE)

Cho Aniki Bakuretsu Rantou Hen (SFC)

February 26th

Espgaluda (PS2)

Psikyo Shooting Collection Vol.II Sengoku Ace / Sengoku Blaede (PS2)

Summer Carnival '92 Alzadick (PCE)

February 20th


Lucifer Ring (PSOne)

Chaos Field (DC)

February 2nd

It's been a while I haven't updated because I have been a bit lazy I guess :) Anyways, here is a small update for today...

Knights of the Temple Infernal Crusade (XBOX)










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