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Year 2003

December 29th

Drag-on Dragoon (PS2)
November 29th Border Down (DC)

November 23rd

Rebel Strike Rogue Squadron III (GC)

November 5th

Eliminate Down (MD)

November 1st

Return to castle Wolfenstein (PC), Splinter Cell (XBOX)

October 21st

Golden Axe-Sega Ages Vol.5 (PS2)

October 20st

Metroid Prime (GC)

October 1st

Rave Groove Adventure (GC)
September 30th

New GameCube Section! Eternal Darkness , Soul Calibur II

September 26th

Gun Survivor 3 Dino Crisis (PS2)

September 23rd

Gun Grave (PS2) , Jojo's Bizarre Adventures (PS2)

September 7th

Dragon's Kingdom (Rom only)

September 6th

Astyanax, the (PCB), Moonstone (AMIGA), Sword of Sodan (AMIGA), Unreal (AMIGA), Wrath of the Demon (AMIGA)

August 25th

Shadow of the Beast (FM Towns / Marty) , Combat (Atari 2600)

August 23th

Wizard Fire (PCB)

August 22th

Super Turrican 2 (SNES)

August 19th

Project X (Amiga 500)

August 15th

Today, it is time for a needed C-64 update. For nostalgic players or for those who seek to discover the origins of our favorite pastime!

August 3rd

Silhouette Mirage (SS)

For Dreamcast:

Blue Submarine n.6

Capcom vs SNK Pro


King of Fighters 2001

King of Fighters 2002

August 2nd

Mega Turrican (MD) , Turrican 3 (Amiga)

August 1st



Some more updates and more to come

For Playstation US:

Dino Crisis 2

Final Fantasy Tactics

Metal Gear Solid

For Playstation Jap:

Gunnm Martian Memory


Samurai Deeper Kyo

July 27th



New update and more coming soon :

Wizard Slayer -GP32

Contra Advance -GBA

Dancing Sword -GBA

King Of Fighter EX2 -GBA

Metroid Fusion -GBA

Castlevania II-Simon's Quest (NES-pal)

Dracula Densetsu (GB-jap)

Zelda (N64-Jap)

Bangai-oh -N64

Darius Gaiden -SS

Keio Yugekitai -SS

Keio Flying Squadron -Mega-CD

and also,

Castlevania Section Updated

July 20th


Check out the new Castlevania section if you haven't already!

Also, here is a great addition to my C-64 collection (it's a pretty damn pathetic collection, but I only put in there the original games I have. If only I had not sold all of them to get an Amiga a billion years ago... :(

Camelot Warriors C-64-tape (yeah, you read it right, it's on TAPE!)

June 22nd


Time for a small Update. If you haven't bought Aria of Sorrow already, don't waste your time and go do it right now!

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow (GBA)

Akumajo Dracula II (FDS)

June 3rd


I found some time last week to play a couple of "Western developed" games and I am glad I did since I think they were more than decent after all!

Circus Maximus (US-XBOX)


May 22th


In a dark and lugubrious universe, gothic cathedrals stand triumphant and proud, testimony of the greatness of the Human world. But when the seal of the gates of chaos is faltering, and hideous crawling monstrosities rain from the crimson skies, humanity only hope resides in the strength and determination of Sieg Wahrheit, leader of hell-spawned Legions, avenger of humanity!

Welcome to the gloomy world of Chaos Legion!

May 21th


It's been a month I haven't been updating my website. Time is always the problem since it becomes harder and harder to find the necessary time to play games and then to review them...Anyways, here is what's new on PS2:

Devil May Cry 2

Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou

Shin Contra

XII Stag

I'll be back soon with more!

April 20th

Since I am playing Half-Life so much, I decided to update the review. I also added a scan and a couple of screenshots

April 20th

Feel like learning a bit about Roman History, retro style? Check out Centurion Defender of Rome then! (Genesis)

April 17th

Hey, I almost forgot to throw in The Lord of the Rings-the two towers! Ps2 version.

I Love the GBA de...Being able to play my GBA games on the TV screen is just awesome! I dedicated some of my time to a couple of games that I thought were worthy even if one of them in particular is actually not that worthy. Let's see if you can guess which one of the 2 it is ;)

Defender of the Crown (GBA)

He Man: Castle of Gray Skull (GBA)

April 16th

Just a little update today, as I have a truckload of exams coming.... :(

Panzer Dragoon Orta (XBOX-Jap)

April 7th

Today, it's time for some retro action with one of the best games on Mega Drive finally having the time it deserves.

I am talking about Alien Soldier, Treasure's swan song on Megadrive!

March 24th


Time for some procastinated updates! Instead of studying, I decided to take care of that...now isn't this real dedication to the vgs cause?! :)

Akumajo Dracula II (Famicom disk System)

Makaimura (Famicom)

Axelay (Super Famicom)

Gekioh: shooting king (PS)

Alisia Dragoon (Mega Drive jap)

Yu Yu Hakusho Fight (Mega Drive)

March 10th


I found the time to write 3 tiny reviews this week end so I am pretty satisfied considering that I haven't been updating my site as frequently as I intended to. Anyway, you can read the reviews by clicking on the following:

Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper (GBA)

Crimson Sea (XBOX)

Shadow of the Beast II (Marty/FM Towns)


February 10th

No way to find the necessary time to update my site anymore! Here is the only update for today:

Argos no Senshi (PS2)

January 19th


Hello guys, my website is back online and it's fully functioning again. Changing ISP and getting a new domain name has been quiet an infinite odyssey! But here I am again, once more...I took some time to make some slight aesthetic changes to the website itself and I tried to make navigation a bit more user firendly even if I don't think it is yet as it should be :(

Since updates have been scarce on the software front other than completing all of the sections with scans, there are a couple of brand new sections that you might find of interest. One deals with Art Books, another one with VGs guides and the last one deals with Comix.

As of updates, I will try to get a significant one next week, with some of the treasures I found thanx to Shou-Sama's, Daigoro's and the Trader's help in the US!










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