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"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.

All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die. "







Year 2002

September 30

Finally, scans are up for the 32X, the Sega CD, the Marty and the N64 sections but no new reviews yet.

September 23rd

DC still Lives! Two great games are out for Sega's cult 128 bit console: Ikaruga which I will review in a few days and Kof 2000-(DC)!
Also, I finally updated the DC sections with scans for all of the games. I should be moving to lesser formats next such as the 32X and the Sega CD.

September 9th

Finally, the PSX section has now scans for all of the games. I should be moving to DC cover scans soon enough (if I have enough space left, that is...)

September 5th - later in the day

Today, you can find 2 reviews of 2 excellent boards I bought lately. Games like these are (for me at least) one of the reasons why I am still into videogaming!

Gaiapolis / Entapous-(PCB)
Golden Axe II Revenge of Death Adder-(PCB)

September 5th



After almost 2 months of silence, I am finally back with updates. I have added scans to all of the Sega Saturn, PS2, X-Box, GBA, GBC, GB, Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color and Neo-Geo Pocket sections. My goal is obviously to provide scans for every section but there are so many games that I need to scan that sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to think about the time needed for all of this but eventually all sections will be complete!

You can find some interesting reviews of:

Raging Bless-(PS2)
Castlevania Circle of the Moon-(GBA)
Castlevania Concerto of Midnight Sun-(GBA)
Chohmakaimura R-(GBA)
Pinball of the Dead-(GBA)

July 15

The path of PCBs led me to discover other fantasy worlds worth exploring. Let's go back in time, when polygons didn't yet invade our beloved pixels world...

Blade Master-(PCB)
Dark Seal-(PCB)

July 11

A trip to a local warehouse proved to be quiet surpising as I found some interesting games listed below:

Gaia Crusaders-(PCB)
Warriors of Fate-(PCB)
Wizard Fire-(PCB)

July 9

Back to PCBs! Today I got Light Bringer so if you enjoy 2D fighting games and Fantasy art, go check it out!
Light Bringer-(PCB)

June 30

This week, there are no videogames update as I am still waiting to get some shipments in. On thursday, I was reading the sport section of a local newspaper when I saw the light. For this reason, I decided to update the site and show you mortals and heathens alike the true mystic vision that graced my eyes. So behold people, behold and bow to the great goddess of beauty!!!


Brazil-Turkey....a World Cup soccer game graced by Aphrodite's offspring presence :)

June 23

Heat& humidity have a terrible effect on me...I get so lazy that I don't even feel like updating my site anymore but I guess I can do a small update :) Recently, I sold / traded some games to make room for new ones. I got the tremendously expensive Arc the Lad collection for PSX, which here in Italy is called the Golden Bar...and then a couple of Neo CD games that you can find here:

Last Blade-(Neo-Geo CD)
Last Blade 2-(Neo-Geo CD)

This time around, I diligently included the spine cards. I should do this more often but I don't know, I just get bored of this scientific approach to videogames. When I was a kid, I didn't give a damn about spine cards...I just enjoyed the games for what they were...what is happening to me?! The heat maybe... I'll turn off my PC before I start melting like an ice cube...

June 15

Sale List

I updated the Pictures Section since I got 2 new Castlevania Strategy guides. I only scanned the strategy guides of the series and not all of the ones I have because it would take too long (plus they aren't really special since they are all US ones, and mainly for PSX RPGs). Anyway, enjoy!

June 14

Looking at how the Italian soccer team has been greeted in Japan, it seems like our soccer players are pretty popular in the far East. So popular that even Sega took notice as they included in their new Virtua Fighter 4 update a couple of new characters, one of which looks just like Alex Del Piero!


June 8

There is not much to signal aside from the opening of the Pictures Section.
I should be adding some more pictures of my collection, sometime in the future. That's all there is for now folks!

June 2

My Castlevania collection is growing and maybe my ambition to complete it might even come to reality before the arrival of the next Geological Era...Anyway, there are 4 new arrivals that I am quiet happy with, as they are far from being easy to find. Aside from this, I am awating with great anticipation the coming of the new Castlevania chapter on GBA. Scheduled to be released for the 6th of June, it should deliver some serious vintage Castlevania gameplay. I wish I could play it on a TV screen thru RGB out but for now, it seems like it will be only a remote dream of mine...sigh!

Breakers-(Neo-Geo CD)
Ninja Master's-(Neo-Geo CD)
Vampire Killer-(MD)
Akumajo Dracula-(Famicom)

May 14

Today I finally got Tekken 4 on PS2 and Dead or Alive 3 for X-box. I quickly finished them up a couple of times just to check them out. Tekken 4 plays a little differently from Tekken Tag, and I already forsee myself playing it to oblivion. Even if nothing really new is introduced in this chapter, its always a pleasure to know that there are some certainties in life like a new Tekken coming out every year! As far as DOA3, I am really impressed by the incredible grafx that put to shame those of Tekken 4. Also, the game plays very smoothly and I think I will be playing it for some time too. Finally, I got the US vers. of Castlevania Chronicles which amazingly enough has very good cover art. Too bad the manual is pretty lame with almost no art and no colors...

May 8
Today I received the GP32. The screen is huge and crystal clear while the 2 games I played are a very good omen for things to come(hopefully!)
May 6
Today, I added a nice poll. Its on the Guestbook section so check it out and vote! Also, I added a review of the Bouncer for Ps2(text only). The game is certainly neither new nor a masterpiece but I feel it deserves at least to be played once.
May 3

I am finally back online! I hope you guys will find the site to be more plesant. It took me quiet some work to change it!
April 19 2002
Today I decided to change the look of the mainpage since it looked pretty shitty. I am having so much fun with this stuff but I am starting to have webspace problems...Anyway, I also updated the Pc-engine section in the process, adding some in game screenshots to complement the scans (that were already up there). I also made some minor updates to some other sections (like Sharp, SNK and Megadrive)but nothing drastic really.
Today I also got my PS2 back from repair. Hopefully Psyvariar will now work on it(crossing fingers!)even if the CD got scratched by the console...

April 17

I finally received my Jap X-box (regular edition) with Shikigami no Shiro. The game has infinite credits so I just played it once to see what the deal was. I will write a nice review soon! I also got Golden axe for Wonderswan color. Now I need a wonderswan color...
April 17
Time: 16:30

Megadrive / Genesis : Added many pics/captions to most games

Sega CD: Added nice pics/captions to part of the games

Super Nes / Super Famicom : Added pics/captions to most games

Sections that currently have almost for all games pics or scans: Arcades, Atari, Commodore, MSX, Sharp, SNK, Nec

Sections that need pics or scans:

Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, PC,Bandai, Fujitsu (Beast is the only one done)sections










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